white chicken chili

…because the other day got up to 36-ish, it seemed like the best way to celebrate was to make chili at 11pm. it’s a staple recipe I got from lee when I was living in NYC, and it’s worth sharing. probably not in 36-degree weather, but I’ll leave that up to you. NOTE: if your […]

sometimes, I totally miss the links

a couple weeks a friend of mine sent me a vid of fixie riders in San Francisco. It was set to a great instrumental, and said instrumental was “I’m bound to pack it up” by Aluminum. I didn’t know (until today) that Aluminum’s self-titled album was a rework of the White Stripe’s “White Blood Cells”, […]


Bad Robot makes stuff other than Lost. I didn’t bother to see the remake of The Hitcher because the C. Thomas Howell/Rutger Hauer version was good enough for me that I didn’t see the point of remaking it. I kinda stumbled across a trailer for project cloverfield on the Apple Trailers site today. I’m intrigued. […]

quick and tasty dinner

Long day? Hungry? Solo? If you’re female, cute, funny, single, and live in the Ottawa area, I’ll make you dinner! I crack myself up. slashfood has a great and simple idea for a quick summer meal. It’s essentially a greek salad with the lettuce and dressing replaced with pasta, some olive oil, and seasonings. They […]

before I forget (again)

I like finding food sites unexpectedly. I love the bigger ones, like slashfood, ottawa foodies, and even the food network, but running into sites like wasabi cowgirl’s is usually a bigger treat. Normal folks cooking abnormally good eats in their kitchens. Yum. So, before I forget to mention her, head on over to Jule’s food […]

a good way to close out the weekend:

chicken breasts marinated in a jerk chicken marinade with a little peach salsa on the side a lightly steamed mixture of spinach, green beans, and peppers baby yukon gold potatoes, cooked salt potato style a little peardrax I’ll finish it off with taking in the hockey game, and call it a weekend well-seized. Hope yours […]

some ideas should stay in people’s heads

Every morning I grab a cup of decaf and troll my favourite websites for news and oddities. Most of the time it’s an informative and entertaining experience, but every so often it’s just nasty. This morning was one of those mornings where a healthy appetite went out the window. Why? Battered, cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped, and fried […]

best hot chocolate

So, I tried a little bit of the hot chocolate from Les Saisons in Chelsea. I’m not a big chocolate fan, but omfg this was amazing. I was an idiot and didn’t buy my own cup, cuz I had a doctor pepper. Did I mention I was an idiot? Best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. […]

cool tool

Have you ever spent a few hours out and about with your shiny digital SLR snapping pics, only to come home and discover your sensor had a bunch of dust particles, and your pics need some serious retouching to get rid of all those grey blobs? I know I have, and sometimes using a blower […]

little mermaid

I am sad to admit I’m actually a fan of the movie “The Little Mermaid”. But I am, so I’ll get over it. I have twice gone hunting for copies of this movie after the limited release had sold out. I once paid $280 for a sealed copy of the VHS release from 1992 for […]