Deadsquid Update

No one will really care about this but me, but that’s ok, I need to get in the habit of using this thing again. The dedicated server that’s continued on something like 14 years of hosting for friends and family is entering it’s final days. I’ve been moving sites over, and am hoping coop is […]

Decelerating Deadsquid turns 14 this month, and there are some changes afoot. I’ve been running a bunch of ISP-ish services – everything from dialup access to mail and web hosting – since 1995, and am tired of it. I like having my own server to do my own thing, and have been happy to help friends […]

sometimes, I totally miss the links

a couple weeks a friend of mine sent me a vid of fixie riders in San Francisco. It was set to a great instrumental, and said instrumental was “I’m bound to pack it up” by Aluminum. I didn’t know (until today) that Aluminum’s self-titled album was a rework of the White Stripe’s “White Blood Cells”, […]

so long, asx

So a little more than two and a half years ago, I picked up World of Warcraft to see what all the fuss amongst friends was about. I solo’d my holy pally Asx (with a little help from Axe and Tierney) for the first couple months, and avoided joining a guild, mostly because of experiences […]

les trottas sont ici

Ooh… fire. – Walt Trotta The Trottas – Jake, Zoe, Walt, and Lee – made their way to Ottawa for what’s become an annual weekend of fun. They made the journey in their suburban cruiser for the first time, which gave Lee the opportunity to pack everything they needed for the weekend. Everything included a […]

for j and grrl

I had totally forgotten that R.E.M. had done a bit on the (newer) Muppet Show. It’s a takeoff on Shiny Happy People, and is for all the bi-polar muppet monsters out there. For some reason, R.E.M. will always remind me of j and grrl and the time we all worked together. It’s a good memory.

fantastic fourth

My sister had a little girl yesterday morning, bringing the number of nieces and nephews to four (two of each)! Meaghan Joyce Kealey was born December 3rd, 2006 at a civilised hour, and weighs in at 7lb 14oz. She decided to be a little different and come into the world feet-first, so was delivered via […]