Decelerating Deadsquid turns 14 this month, and there are some changes afoot. I’ve been running a bunch of ISP-ish services – everything from dialup access to mail and web hosting – since 1995, and am tired of it. I like having my own server to do my own thing, and have been happy to help friends and family out by hosting their content, but the services I offer aren’t comparable to what can be had commercially at a very (very!) reasonable cost. So, to that end, I’m shuttering the dedicated server everything runs off of by the end of April.

Thanks to everyone who has used over the years to vent about Ingenia, keep in touch with friends, play Expert CTF, check your mail, and post your thoughts and photos. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m not paying anywhere near as much attention to it as I should, and it’s hard to justify the $1200-1500/year it costs to maintain. If you have a website still hosted here, I’ll be in touch shortly, and will help however I can to move it over to a provider who will take much better care of you.


6 thoughts on “Decelerating Deadsquid

  1. Kev — I noticed I can’t get to the deadsquid webmail site anymore. I still use it because I have never been able to get my wingnut email to work in my Apple Mail or on my iPhone. I greatly prefer being able to use that but if that’s truly impossible, I’ll need the webmail. Can you help?

  2. Oops. I hadn’t realized I hadn’t moved your email over. I’ll do that in the next couple days, and will send you email to give instructions/set expectations. Sorry, Kourtney! Webmail’s been restored.

  3. Thanks Kev! Hopefully with the new email I can get my outgoing mail server to work so that I can send and receive mail all in the same place! 🙂

  4. Will you just move all the sites to another provider or shut them down?

    From time to time I use your Firefox release calender ( to check what’ll happen next and when.

    Granted, that info could be found elsewhere, but not as lean and tidy, so if is going down I’d probably save the html.

    1. The content will stay. I will be keeping my blog, I just want to get rid of most of the infrastructure underneath it 🙂

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