les trottas sont ici

The Trottas – Jake, Zoe, Walt, and Lee – made their way to Ottawa for what’s become an annual weekend of fun. They made the journey in their suburban cruiser for the first time, which gave Lee the opportunity to pack everything they needed for the weekend. Everything included a pool, and pretty much all the food the kids ate the four days they were here. Preparation or mania, you decide!

We had a great time, despite ultra-humid and ultra-hot conditions for the first couple of days that threatened to kill my air conditioner. They arrived Thursday night and were met by both James and I. Food was required immediately, so it was off to Patty’s with the entire crew for sammiches, burgers, fries, and beer. We finished the eve with some wine, some conversation and a half-hearted attempt to watch Serenity for the bazillionth time (I think we lasted 10 minutes).

Friday was disgustingly warm, and we needed to take the kids somewhere to entertain them and give Walt and Lee a chance to play with their new toy; so, to the Museum of Civilization (specifically, the Children’s Museum) we went. We stayed for a few hours watching the kids be entertained, as well as Jake testing the motion sensors on one of the exhibits and subsequently using his best “who, me?” look with security.

The afternoon involved proving what responsible adults we were by blowing up a pool on the balcony, filling it with six inches of water, and letting the kids go nuts. Very, very entertaining. We finished off with more beer and wine, Indian food from Nagina, and making it through all of Serenity (this time).

Saturday was the annual BBQ a hold to get all the friends together, and for the first time the number of rugrats present threatened to outnumber the adults. There was around 35 souls all told, and we feasted on a ridiculous amount of meat, veggies, starch, salt, wine beer, trifle (thanks, Barb!) and chips. We finished the event with 150-odd sparklers for the kids, the start of which is pictured above.

Thanks to Lee for all her help in prepping, Walt for fearlessly watching the kids, Kev for BBQ-ing one-handed, and to everyone who showed and shared the day with us. To those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed. Also – to all of you who had a chocolate-chip cookie: those were MINE, dammit! 🙂

Sunday was a slow morning, a trip to the playground, coffee, and general laziness until we headed up to Wakefield to visit the Heginbottoms. Mr. and Mrs. H treated us to roast lamb and chicken with sausages and maple, a wide variety of salads, and s great selection of deserts. We finished the day with a few glasses of wine and good conversation ’til midnight, and we called it a night knowing The Boy would probably be up at 6-ish.

On Monday the suburban explorer was repacked, and the Trottas returned from whence they came (New Jersey… but they’re still cool).

An awesome time was had by all, and I’m still recovering from Zoe and Jake withdrawl. Thanks for coming, guys, it was a great time!

5 thoughts on “les trottas sont ici

  1. I had a blast, thanks for having me! Food, company, and laughs, can’t beat that.

    Though I’ll have to work on my WII skills for next year…;)

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  3. Hi Kev [I was properly corrected once that you are Kev not Kevin:)]
    Looks as though the N.J. Trotta excursions to Canada to visit you have become a delightful tradition for all of you. Walt has talked about you so often and being a mother I’d sometime love to meet this close friend who is such a good one! Those kind are few, far between and to be cherished.
    Love the photos of the kids and the sparklers! They certainly were mesmerized – isn’t it wonderful the first time we experience things!?
    Stay cool for we Texans who are broiling down here – 105 felt like 113 today…brutal!
    Best Regards
    Scimmia (Wanda Trotta)

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