not-quite-ghetto light box

Here’s a great idea for e-bay and other lightbox photography: use that cooler sitting in the basement or garage as your light box/tent. Of course, said cooler should be dirt/mold free, or the results won’t be as good as they could be. The link goes to Strobist, which is one of the coolest photography blogs […]

les trottas sont ici

Ooh… fire. – Walt Trotta The Trottas – Jake, Zoe, Walt, and Lee – made their way to Ottawa for what’s become an annual weekend of fun. They made the journey in their suburban cruiser for the first time, which gave Lee the opportunity to pack everything they needed for the weekend. Everything included a […]

i lie 2

The more I look at this pic, the more I like it. There’s so much light and shadow and texture and green and a little bokeh and a blown out background and some burnt, yellow grass and a $4 golf ball (that has since dropped to $2.25 since I bought them) that I lost shortly […]

why i hearts me some intarweeb

2 kids dressed in all black standing next to a $40k car covered in tape on the side of the Ohio turnpike at 3am. One kid projectile vomiting while the other one tries to take pictures. I give you Reason 4,624 on why the internet is idiotic and fantastic all at once. Besides looking like […]

flickr for newbies

I use flickr to host pretty much all of my recent photos*. It’s decently priced, feature-rich, and has a great community, with people from all over the place interacting, encouraging, and helping each other out. Ottawa’s got a smallish but active core of users, and we’re having our first meet-up at the end of this […]

some ideas should stay in people’s heads

Every morning I grab a cup of decaf and troll my favourite websites for news and oddities. Most of the time it’s an informative and entertaining experience, but every so often it’s just nasty. This morning was one of those mornings where a healthy appetite went out the window. Why? Battered, cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped, and fried […]


“action” from kaneda99‘s photostream every so often, flickr spits out a beauty. I love this pic, it illustrates pretty much everything I love about running in the fall/winter: long shadows, overcast, and a comfortable (to me) temperature. Amazing capture.


Pictures like this one make me realise how completely fucked up the airline industry got with the hub mentality. There’s no real competition here, as you can plainly see one airline dominates the entire field. Wanna leave Minnesota? Who ya gonna call? It’s like that in any other hub (like, say, Denver), and really limits […]

cool tool

Have you ever spent a few hours out and about with your shiny digital SLR snapping pics, only to come home and discover your sensor had a bunch of dust particles, and your pics need some serious retouching to get rid of all those grey blobs? I know I have, and sometimes using a blower […]