2010 economics explained

No idea where this comes from, or who the author is, but it’s one of the first forwards from my dad I’ve enjoyed in a very long time… until it depressed me, of course. The core story’s been around for more than a year, but I suspect the last paragraph (and a couple of other […]

because I’m sure you wonder

just what kind of conversations does that kev guy have all day, anyways? well, they’re usually about as sensible as this one. sadly, I’m not really embarrassed by them, because they make me laugh. I probably should be, tho.

effects of the second death star’s destruction on endor

I was going through some old e-mail and came across a discussion between me and my old boss at Globix. My boss was our CTO, and we had many, many crucial discussions. They usually started out with a question I asked, such as: Was the Death Star II close enough to Endor – and was […]

why i hearts me some intarweeb

2 kids dressed in all black standing next to a $40k car covered in tape on the side of the Ohio turnpike at 3am. One kid projectile vomiting while the other one tries to take pictures. I give you Reason 4,624 on why the internet is idiotic and fantastic all at once. Besides looking like […]

i think my name was supposed to be christine

I think identifying Canada as my favorite weapon was my undoing. How evil are you?   quick note: just in case you were wondering what the Christine reference is, there was a bumper sticker with the “I am pure evil…” tag in it to promote the Stephen King movie. (from that moggy chick)