so long, asx

So a little more than two and a half years ago, I picked up World of Warcraft to see what all the fuss amongst friends was about. I solo’d my holy pally Asx (with a little help from Axe and Tierney) for the first couple months, and avoided joining a guild, mostly because of experiences […]

i’m cheap, _and_ fun

Here’s a fun little parody of Apple, Sony, Nintendo, stereotypes, and the marketing industry all at once. In the style of the latest “I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” ads, someone put together a PrayStation 3 vs. Wii ad. Funny, but it’s also a pretty scathing commentary on marketing when you think about it […]

finish the fight… next year… maybe

4035 Bungie’s finally got around to announcing Halo 3, which is probably about the only reason I can think of at this point of wanting an Xbox 360 over a Wii (no, Sony doesn’t even bear cosideration at this point). Thankfully, the game won’t come out until 2007, which probably means sometime in 2008 (if […]


3845 It seems that this is what you get from Blizzard for your $15/US per month more often than not these days. My favourite part is the “Okay” button. Dear Bliz, it’s been going on for months, and it’s not ok. I’ve been sitting on the fence about whether the game is worth it these […]

patrolling the galaxy once again

/misccrap/blog/sttng_lives So, after the fastest date in recent memory (87 minutes), I started working on my ST:TNG pin last night. I traced pretty much every wire, and repaired a number of solder joints while verifying continuity. I finished this afternoon, and when I figured it was all good, flipped the switch… and got a garbled […]

summer project

/misccrap/blog/sttng.jpg After a few months of trying to get a board repaired for my Star Trek: The Next Generation pin, I finally had a little luck and bought one from a dealer in the UK. It arrived a couple days ago, and as I was installing it in the backbox, I realised that my pin […]

more time wasting goodness

Evilhoof and Flayed have come up with a nice little World of Warcraft machinima movie on the benefits of the interweeb. Fair warning: Probably NSFW if you’re listening through speakers, and the title of the vid includes the “pr0n” word. Still funny, though.

toys are good

On my return, there was a note from FedEx stating they had a package they had tried to deliver, but were unsuccessful in the attempt. I thought it was some crap from work, but it turned out to be the toy I had pre-ordered and had hoped to pick up prior to jumping on an […]