It seems that this is what you get from Blizzard for your $15/US per month more often than not these days. My favourite part is the “Okay” button. Dear Bliz, it’s been going on for months, and it’s not ok. I’ve been sitting on the fence about whether the game is worth it these days, and you are pushing me pretty convincingly over to the “no, it’s not” side. Nice work.


Update: We did eventually get into the game, and we did the Tribute Run. I think I got a piece of Aquamarine and a couple gold coins worth of cash for the 3.5 hours we played. When we got to the boss at the end, I managed to snap a heal off and save Axe just before he died, but I took so much damage while delivering the heal that I went to that great cathedral in the sky immediately (and I mean immediately, the saving heal almost didn’t finish) thereafter. Because you can’t take it with you, I missed out on the boss loot, from which there was a pair of boots I definitely could have used. It was fun regardless, and there’s always next time. Tierney did try to resurrect me for the third time with Jumper Cables, but like the previous two attempts it failed. 0 for 3 – apparently using goblin jumper cables is about as successful as the Leaf’s power play.

I did get the pic of the five of us after we trapped the guard, though. 🙂

4 thoughts on “wow-whee!

  1. Did you Release Spirit before they opened the boss loot? If you wait for them to loot while you are still in the vicinity (meaning, you haven’t hit the Release button) you should still be able to see and roll on loot

    I think that’s how it works. Remember to use Divine Shield selfishly for yourself so you can stay alive for the loot always. That’s why it’s there!

  2. I didn’t release spirit, and while I did see the loot, I wasn’t able to roll on it.

    Heh heh – I tried to hit shield, really, but the lag wasn’t helping. I will also ask everyone I’m with for a little warning when they’re about to go after everyone (by the time I got in the fight, our main tank was already down to 15% health, which meant playing catch-up).

    It was a good learning experience, and I’ll get some shiny new shoes some other time 🙂 And yeah, self-preservation when you’re the only one who can rez is a really good idea.

  3. I agree that it was a fun learning experience. Although I’d been in there before it had certainly been a while since the last time. We were flying through there, though, when we were fighting against the respawn wave – if we go back there next time I’m sure that well have a much much easier time of it and I think you should get dibs on the loot at the end too 🙂

  4. I don’t mean to add insult to injury but I thought it slightly ridiculous that last night in WDM I had a 2/2 success rate with the cables (Axeom and Larkspur) 🙁

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