nano nuh-uh

Well, I feel like a complete and utter idiot this morning. Last night I was at the gym, and was running a little late getting back for WoW night. It seems in my haste to get in front of my PC on time, I left my gym bag in the back seat of my car, and forgot to lock the damn car to boot. Not surprisingly (which is really sad, when I think about it) when I remembered about it this morning, I discovered someone had cleaned up for me.

So, about $150 in workout gear and the bag (which I’m sure was tossed immediately), a Nano 4GB, a Speck Products sports strap for same, an iTrip Auto, and whatever change that was in the console are gone. I guess last night was both unproductive and expensive, but an important reminder in securing personal property. I think it’s maybe the second time I’ve forgotten my iPod in my car, but the odds and I aren’t exactly friends, which was reiterated for about the bazillionth time.

The worst part is it’s my own damn fault.

Happy hump day.

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  1. Kev, Kev, Kev, … it’s not your fault at all. At least, not in my opinion. There are places on this continent where leaving your car door unsecured against maladjusted miscreants is not an invitation to “help yourselves”. Really. I’ve lived in a couple my own self!

    I’ve also had my vehicle vandalized and cleaned out of readily usable coinage. Leaving the doors unlocked just prevents the windows from being busted. See? You were prudent to do so on the very night that some less fortunates were out “shopping”.

    I’ve even had a BBQ stolen from my porch in Centretown in the middle of winter. I was stunned and very glad I was not whomever it was who needed it that desperately.

    I repeat: not your fault. You just think it was because of the timing. Faulty logic might be the only thing you are guilty of (you terrible person, you). If this *was* your fault, why didn’t it happen the *last* time you left your doors unlocked?

    Huh? Well? That’s what I thought.
    Doors open != stuff stolen. Easy.

    Feeling better now? 😉

  2. i have to agree with janice.

    it’s the “person who took the bag”‘s fault!

    (damn university students!)

    it’s like that classic ethics story:
    “a bored suburban wife of a workaholic husband goes to town every monday to cheat on her husband.

    one day, she realizes she has no money to go back home with the train, so she asks for some money from her lover, he refuses.

    feeling desperate, she starts walking back home, someone on the street warns her not to walk home, that particular area in town is dangerous.

    torn between the fear of being caught cheating and walking thru a rough neighbourhood, she decides to take her chances walking.

    she gets mugged, raped, and killed.

    whose fault is it?”

  3. Well, I do know it’s not my fault for the actual theft of the item… at least I don’t think I stole it, but it is my fault for being careless/forgetful. I was going to post on how annoyed I was that we have to take those precautions, and that we’re conditioned these days to accepting responsibility for someone else’s poor behaviour, but you folks have captured it nicely.

    I have had it happen before, and generally do leave my car unlocked because I don’t want windows smashed. I usually don’t leave anything of value in the car, I just got distracted and forgot what I had left in the back seat. God help me if I ever have kids, ’cause I’ll probably be this guy. 🙂

    As for who took it, it could be anyone. Sandy Hill is a very diverse neighbourhood with embassies, low-income housing, (upper) middle class, student housing, crack houses, and a number of transients. I’m not inclined to point fingers, because it could have been anyone, and it was an easy target. I’m inclined to agree with Janice in that it’s nice to not have to feel compelled to shop directly from others, and am sorry that it happens.

    The biggest loss for me was actually my training log. It outlined all the exercise routines and workouts I’ve performed over the last 2 years. The information in it was invaluable, and contained tonnes of notes and explanations from my trainer. I have some of it captured elsewhere, but it was a goldmine of info that I was using for my current training regimen, and it’s gone. Ah well, I have books and some muddled memories.

    Hopefully I’ll be more careful in the future and, truth be told, I’m ok with all the coins being taken, because it saves me the hassle of rolling them 🙂

    Not my fault, I know, but I hate being fallible, dammit.

  4. Getting victimized in any way is no fun at all. I’m totally sorry to hear that you lost stuff from your car.

    Hopefully the insurance covers it and you can treat yourself to the iTalk that you linked the other day (surely it will be released imminently!)

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