sometimes, I totally miss the links

a couple weeks a friend of mine sent me a vid of fixie riders in San Francisco. It was set to a great instrumental, and said instrumental was “I’m bound to pack it up” by Aluminum. I didn’t know (until today) that Aluminum’s self-titled album was a rework of the White Stripe’s “White Blood Cells”, […]

well hey, that’s nifty

CBC Radio 3, a radio program and satellite channel that features all-Canadian music I like, featured one of my pics today. They maintain a pool on flickr where people can submit their shots. Each day they pick a photo from this pool as their image of the day. Mine made it today 🙂 It’s also […]

dj riko’s merry mixmas 2007

DJ Riko produces a Christmas Mix every year, and it’s a tradition of his that he shares. I’m happy he does, because his mixes are a nice twist on what’s played in store and on the radio. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional music (which, as a bonus, includes a backbeat), try some […]

lessig on user generated content

Larry Lessig’s talk on user generated content, who’s generating it, how copyright law reacts to it and, most importantly, the effect this has on the content creators is awesome. Take the twenty minutes, and watch the whole thing. His summary at the end addresses an unintended consequence that I had never even considered, and it […]

a wrinkle in time

Madeleine L’Engle, children’s writer, passed away yesterday at the age of 88. She introduced me to the ideas of science fiction in grade one, long before I had any concept of what it was, through “A Wrinkle In Time”. I liked the book so much I “borrowed” it permanently from the school library, and it […]


Bad Robot makes stuff other than Lost. I didn’t bother to see the remake of The Hitcher because the C. Thomas Howell/Rutger Hauer version was good enough for me that I didn’t see the point of remaking it. I kinda stumbled across a trailer for project cloverfield on the Apple Trailers site today. I’m intrigued. […]

are you familiar with the prophecies of the witches?

If not, you should be. The Dark Materials trilogy is one of my favourite reads, with a little magic, a little steampunk, and a great ride all mixed together. Recommended. If you are, check out the new trailer for The Golden Compass, the first of what I hope will be an awesome trilogy. I saw […]

still laughing

Every time I see this clip, I can’t help but laugh. I love the Leafs, and while Tucker has finally started to play hockey (now that the whine twins of Quinn and Domi are gone), he’s still not my favorite player in the league. Kovalev, of the Canadiens, takes a high stick from Tucker at […]