well hey, that’s nifty

CBC Radio 3, a radio program and satellite channel that features all-Canadian music I like, featured one of my pics today. They maintain a pool on flickr where people can submit their shots. Each day they pick a photo from this pool as their image of the day. Mine made it today 🙂 It’s also […]

dj riko’s merry mixmas 2007

DJ Riko produces a Christmas Mix every year, and it’s a tradition of his that he shares. I’m happy he does, because his mixes are a nice twist on what’s played in store and on the radio. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional music (which, as a bonus, includes a backbeat), try some […]


I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m a fan of mashups. I love how they can combine very different musical genres and make something better than just the sum of its parts (of course “better” is in the eye of the beholder). One of my favourite mashup artists, Mark Vidler, is releasing what he calls […]

in case you’re bored, too

Check out the Evolution of Dance. This one has made the rounds before, so you may have already seen it. It’s a six-minute mix of music across a few genres, and is a bald, white guy’s interpretation of the dance that went with it. He’s pretty clearly tired at the end, but it’s impressive (particularly […]

banco de gaia

I’ve been listening to a lot of ambiant/trance over the last couple weeks, as it’s proved to be much less distracting than the music I used to listen to at work (Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, that kind of thing). I stumbled across a track in my library from Banco de Gaia, an interesting remix […]

the new pornographers

I’d say “w00t!”, but that’d be… oh… I just did. Why would I say that? The New Pornographers are playing Bluesfest this year on July the 16th. I am so there. They’re also playing Metropolis in Montreal a week this Sunday. I think I’m gonna try and be there… but who knows. I can’t get […]

fall out boy

I’ve noticed that Fall Out Boy has been getting some airplay locally the last few months. In case you missed it, be sure to check out their killer video for Sugar We’re Goin’ Down Don’t be put off by the Boy Band, it’s actually pretty funny. Note: Some of the MS Paint drawings may be […]

cut the mash up(!)

Rawesome mashup/cutup by DJ Food incorporating a tonne of samples, sound bytes, and beat matching. Apparently the original was put together almost two years ago. The expanded track puts together Queen, Elvis, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, the Beastie Boys, the Beatles, soundclips, and some serious beat-matching – and that’s just the first four minutes! Check it […]

frankfurt i’m sorry

Back in the bad old Ingenia days, there was a bunch of Westies who came to visit, work, and play with us for a while. One of them had really stinky feet, and grew up to be CTO of a successful online jewelry company (where he scored a very cool desk). He loved this westie […]

top five songs

update 15-nov-2006: way too many sites are referencing/linking to these tracks, so all the mp3’s have been removed. Axe posted his top five songs a while ago, and I’ve been pondering my top five for quite some time. Like anything else that’s subjective, they’re bound to change over time. Here’s what’s on my brain as […]