the new pornographers

I’d say “w00t!”, but that’d be… oh… I just did.

Why would I say that? The New Pornographers are playing Bluesfest this year on July the 16th. I am so there. They’re also playing Metropolis in Montreal a week this Sunday. I think I’m gonna try and be there… but who knows. I can’t get “These Are the Fables” out of my head these days.

They’re definitely getting the most ear-time of any one band lately, and I’d love to see them live.

Aside to little: They’re also playing at UBC in April with The Saltines and The Weakerthans. Looks like a fun show.

3 thoughts on “the new pornographers

  1. We saw The New Pornographers with Novillero on Saturday at UofC… but not with the Weakerthans!!!

    UBC in April you say… ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

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