banco de gaia

I’ve been listening to a lot of ambiant/trance over the last couple weeks, as it’s proved to be much less distracting than the music I used to listen to at work (Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, that kind of thing). I stumbled across a track in my library from Banco de Gaia, an interesting remix artist/composer/whatever you want to call him (them?) that incorporates Sino/Indian sound with trance/house – kinda like Chemical Brothers meets Bollywood at a Tibetan monastery. I’ve since picked up a couple CDs, and am really happy I did. Have a gander, as there are a few mp3’s available on the website. Good stuff.

3 thoughts on “banco de gaia

  1. Yeah, I think the track I have from them was recorded in ’96, and the original recordings were ’89, or something like that.

  2. I actually have a cd from back when I listened to electronic music. I believe the title is Last Train to Lhasa, or something similiar. If that is hard to find or something I would be happy to rip it for you (it’s two cd’s). I know you are big into copyright issues Kev but I think this might fall under fair use. So hit me up at existenz at comcast dot net if interested.

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