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Twenty years since high school… that’s a long time. I went to Earl of March for their immersion program, and have some pretty mixed feelings about my years there. Some of them good, but the majority of them not-so-good. It looks like some people have decided to hold a reunion for my graduating class this August out in Kanata. It’s interesting seeing a few pictures of people I went to school with, and some of the older pics probably should have been buried – but hey, it’s all in good fun.

The event itself will be held at the Kanata Lakes Golf Course clubhouse, which is kind of funny because that’s the area we used to always have our bush bashes. Those days the course was small, there were no houses anywhere in the area, and Mrs. Matthews (as in Terry Matthews) would always call the cops on us when she saw large groups of kids taking the trail by their house (which was really funny since Dillon was always there drinking). Some good times, for true, but I understand there’s zero tolerance for that kind of thing these days.

EoM was a looooooong time ago. I was a year ahead in high school and ended up hanging out more with the folks from the class of ’87, so I can’t really relate to the majority of folks who’d be there. Regardless, I dunno if I’d make it with work, and I’ve sent my regrets.

If you’re here because you followed my link… well, hello! Feel free to drop me an email or leave a howdy below.

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  1. Creepy. I know if Glebe does one I’m staying away. Well, maybe ’til I become rich and famous – then I’ll stomp on all the little bastards who ticked me off.

    Yup – no hostility here!

  2. Dude, you just made me find my school alumni website, and thus read the school song.

    My brain feels funky now.

  3. I knew you from school (not my real name).

    The photos and comments give the impression like the event is mostly leading up to be more a reunion of the “Leadership Camp” crowd. Fair enough but not my bag.

  4. heh heh – Jenny Talia – nice. Email address also nice, and I’m betting it’s not your real email, either. For me it’s a bit of a dilemma. There are a few people I’d genuinely like to see, but for the most part I’m happy with the way things are. There are some folks I’d like to see, but I’m not sure if they’d attend, as I kinda get the feeling they’d feel the same way as you do. That said, a lot changes in 20 years.

    Did we speak right before I was leaving the city you’re now in? If so, howdy, and congrats on still being there – I wish I had never left sometimes. If not, there are more people there from our class. Feel free to pop me an email using the address at the top, if you’re so inclined.

    Update: Nope, we didn’t speak. Touched base with who I thought you might be, but it wasn’t you 🙂 Seems a few people from here made it to the City over the years.

  5. In response to “Jenny T.” So if it wasn’t the “Leadership Camp” crowd that organized this gig, who do you think would? The Lumber Jacket and Untied Workboot group? The folks from the smoking wall?

    On the reunion website, almost every person has written, “See you there” “Can’t wait to see everyone” “Thanks for organizing this”. All this has done for me has dragged up horrible uncomfortable feelings from those formative years. What is wrong with all these people wanting to relive tha? Why do they hang on to highschool memories? Ok, on the flip side, so what’s wrong with me? Would I rather just deny it all happened? So right off the bat, I thought, no way am I going back to visit. Do I really give a flip what everyone is doing? I hate wasting my time, especially as I get older. Now I’m kind of hooked on watching the website grow. I like seeing who is signing in and what people are doing, though I haven’t quite figured out why. As one person wrote, “where we all got our start.” I think it is because it really helped form who we all are now, in some way or another. It’s our common denominator. I now think it’ll be fun to see what became of all the possibilities. It’ll be interesting to see all the different points of view of what those years signified.

    I’ll go if you go, Kev.

  6. Hey Hank,

    Thought I would leave you a Howdy! Let’s all get together sometime for a few pints! Don’t think I’ll be at the reunion as I was class of 87, although I seemed to have spent most of high school drinking with class of 86, 85, 84, 87, 88, 89.


  7. I seem to recall you drinking with anyone and everyone, and that it was Donna’s fault… and then Karen followed your footsteps, and man… that was a lot of booze. I have dim recollections of Charrington Toby and Bock beer in the spring, and something about the Lion’s Club. Hazy, crazy childhood.

    Those were the *good* parts about hs, if I remember correctly.

  8. Gidday, just stumbled across this. I wouldn’t want to go to any reunion, unless all the smokers/tokers were there, and hell lets throw in the Carpies too!
    Don’t really remember much, but I think I should have graduated (but quit the lame ass excuse for education beforehand) in 86 or 87. Regardless, ended up with a great career, inspite of all the brain cells left in the smoking section!

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