Deadsquid Update

No one will really care about this but me, but that’s ok, I need to get in the habit of using this thing again. The dedicated server that’s continued on something like 14 years of hosting for friends and family is entering it’s final days. I’ve been moving sites over, and am hoping coop is […]

PowerLinc 2412U PLM and Indigo/OSX

Just a really quick hit, because it took me a little while to find this post, which pointed me in the right direction. If you’re trying to use the PowerLinc 2412U on OSX 10.5 with the latest beta (4.1) of the Indigo home-automation and control server, you’ll need to install USB serial drivers first. It […]

lessig on user generated content

Larry Lessig’s talk on user generated content, who’s generating it, how copyright law reacts to it and, most importantly, the effect this has on the content creators is awesome. Take the twenty minutes, and watch the whole thing. His summary at the end addresses an unintended consequence that I had never even considered, and it […]

not so gushy on the iphone

Dan Gillmor has a quick rundown of what he doesn’t like about the iPhone. He makes some really good points, and the one that I didn’t realize was that the battery was not removable. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me given how the iPods are constructed, but it does, because having spares for those times […]

ipod ressurection

so. my poor little ipod has been sitting in my desk drawer for a year and a half because I thought it was borken. what with all the clicking-hard-drive sounds it made when you tried to turn it on, this was understandable. this weekend I went through my office on a purge mission, and said […]

just so ya know…

…if you’re using mod_python and Apache 1.x do not, under any circumstance, upgrade to gcc 4. Bad things happen to your server. Also, don’t tell me I should be using Apache 2. I know that. I may make zulu upgrade his code, because that’s really the only reason why we aren’t. But still – Apache […]