xbox 360 video stuttering on the panasonic pt-ae3000

I have a new PT-AE3000 projector from Panasonic, and to date I have loved everything about it except for a few games (most notably rock band 2) using the Xbox 360 with a progressive signal. The video (but not the audio) would stutter/jump at times, which could throw my timing off. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was annoying.

I had disabled the usual culprits, namely noise reduction and Panasonic’s “Frame Creation” (used to make moving images less after-imagy), but was still getting stutter. Searching various forums didn’t really help, so I went back to the manual, and eventually found the culprit.

The projector has a setting in the “Options” menu for “Frame Response”, which is described in the manual as “You can minimise the time delay of image displayed for the progressive signals.” This feature has two settings:

  • NORMAL Prioritise the image quality
  • FAST Prioritise the frame response

Setting it to “FAST” cleared up the problem, and I didn’t notice any discernible difference to image quality in-game.

2 thoughts on “xbox 360 video stuttering on the panasonic pt-ae3000

  1. The toys are back in town! 😉

    Nice. I’m pretty happy with my PTAE-900, since I don’t have any 1080p sources, but could deal with some extra lumens and contrast sometimes.

    What are you using for a screen? I (seriously) had a sheet for a while (it was good enough for rockband 😉 oh and still works at the cottages I visit) and upgraded to a fixed frame 106″ 1.4 gain from these guys in southern ontario – I’ll have to look the name up.

    I had no idea how big 106″ was when I ordered it, apparently. (HUGE)

  2. I just picked up Rock Band 2 a month ago for the PS3 and felt like something was off and I thought it was my television. I’ve since found that Rock Band 2 plays a little different than the original. Plus I had really only played the first one with the original equipment so I had to get used to the new equipment as well. It didn’t help that it had been a year since I had played either lol. When my roommate moved out I had beaten all but 3 songs on expert guitar. Now I’m finding I am having trouble with some songs on hard. My television is a Samsung 61″ LED DLP that I snagged for 3 years no interest the day before Circuit City went under. I love my TV. Blu Rays and HD via DirecTV look amazing.

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