flight patterns

When I started at SGI, the company was a lot more than over-priced graphics workstations. There was a tonne of work in data visualisation; taking huge quantities of data and presenting them in a visual format that’s easier to understand than just the raw numbers. One of the most compelling demos we had was a […]

adobe lightroom

Adobe’s new photographic workflow product, Lightroom, is now available for download as a beta. If you take pictures for a living, or are a pretender like me, have a look-see. Also, might I stress that it’s beta? That means don’t use your only copy of an image with it.

8 years

Huh. I missed the squid’s eighth birthday. I don’t really feel bad about it, but it’s interesting to reflect on how much has changed since the domain was originally registered. People have moved on, married, had kids, changed jobs multiple times, fallen off the planet, etc. I’ve held five jobs and lived in four different […]


misccrap/blog/the_network.png We were talking about Visio diagrams the other day, spurred on by bobo’s “I hate Visio” statement, made while trying to use the damn program. Some files were exchanged, and I came across this one in my doc directory while saving and looking at the file I had been sent. I had forgotten all […]