not so gushy on the iphone

Dan Gillmor has a quick rundown of what he doesn’t like about the iPhone. He makes some really good points, and the one that I didn’t realize was that the battery was not removable. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me given how the iPods are constructed, but it does, because having spares for those times when you really need the phone you forgot (or were unable) to charge is always a nice option.

There’s some other points that are great, including the non-removable SIM (control, control, control) and a lack (or non-intuitive implementation) of cut-and-paste. There’s also some nits about the keyboard that a lot of reviewers – and even Apple – have said are fine if you just let the software do it’s job.

In any event, after all the gushing and “squee!” and people who just will not shut up about the goddamn jesus-phone, it’s nice to see something that is not gushy, but is not an “I hate the iPhone even though I’ve never seen one”, either.

I’ll stick with the crackberry/nano combo, which suits me just fine.

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