before I forget (again)

I like finding food sites unexpectedly. I love the bigger ones, like slashfood, ottawa foodies, and even the food network, but running into sites like wasabi cowgirl’s is usually a bigger treat. Normal folks cooking abnormally good eats in their kitchens. Yum.

So, before I forget to mention her, head on over to Jule’s food blog at the stone soup. She claims to have a tiny kitchen, but holy crap does the stuff that comes out of it look amazing. She photographs everything, gives a good overview of the meal and its component dishes, and then gives the recipes and prep tips. I’ll be trying a few of the dishes she shares, for sure.

Well worth the read.

2 thoughts on “before I forget (again)

  1. Wait, wait…you can’t buy this food? You can only copy their recipes? That’s insanity. Pure pandemonium, sir!

  2. hey kev,
    thanks for the wrap. nice to know people are reading. have actually moved house a couple of months ago and now have a more reasonable kitchen…need to update my bio…thanks for reminding me.

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