white chicken chili

…because the other day got up to 36-ish, it seemed like the best way to celebrate was to make chili at 11pm. it’s a staple recipe I got from lee when I was living in NYC, and it’s worth sharing. probably not in 36-degree weather, but I’ll leave that up to you. NOTE: if your […]

quick and tasty dinner

Long day? Hungry? Solo? If you’re female, cute, funny, single, and live in the Ottawa area, I’ll make you dinner! I crack myself up. slashfood has a great and simple idea for a quick summer meal. It’s essentially a greek salad with the lettuce and dressing replaced with pasta, some olive oil, and seasonings. They […]

before I forget (again)

I like finding food sites unexpectedly. I love the bigger ones, like slashfood, ottawa foodies, and even the food network, but running into sites like wasabi cowgirl’s is usually a bigger treat. Normal folks cooking abnormally good eats in their kitchens. Yum. So, before I forget to mention her, head on over to Jule’s food […]

a good way to close out the weekend:

chicken breasts marinated in a jerk chicken marinade with a little peach salsa on the side a lightly steamed mixture of spinach, green beans, and peppers baby yukon gold potatoes, cooked salt potato style a little peardrax I’ll finish it off with taking in the hockey game, and call it a weekend well-seized. Hope yours […]

some ideas should stay in people’s heads

Every morning I grab a cup of decaf and troll my favourite websites for news and oddities. Most of the time it’s an informative and entertaining experience, but every so often it’s just nasty. This morning was one of those mornings where a healthy appetite went out the window. Why? Battered, cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped, and fried […]

oh. my. god.

This is, quite possibly, the vilest recipe I have had the misfortune to come across. Ingredients include: 1 large bag of pork rinds 1 brick of Velveeta Cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 6 slices of crispy bacon 1 small onion 1/4 cup maple syrup 2 jalapeno peppers 1/2 bag of chocolate chips (butterscotch chips may […]


I had the opportunity to take advantage of a work trip and visit some of my favourite people in the world. Despite their skepticism, I did make the journey up the NJ Turnpike from the Philadelphia area to Cranford, NJ to see Les Trottas and break some bread while we were at it. Zoe was […]

for the entertainment of axe and coop

I was ordering a couple books from Amazon this evening, and had a look at the “My Store” feature. It recommended I purchase some music, and it’s recommendation made me giggle some. Axe and Coop and anyone else who’s had brunch a couple times at The Pump will understand.

something to remember

A glass of good red wine added to your tomato-based pasta sauce is an excellent idea. A glass of good, dry, white wine added to your cheese-based pasta sauce and/or cheese fondue is also an excellent idea.

cheese, please

Urk. There’s a company cook book floating around out there, somewhere, that seems to be built on cheese. It has recipes for breafast through dinner, and a desert or two. The recipes aren’t posted, but someone’s scanned the the lurvley pictures and added brief summaries like this one, for “orange fluff”: Ok, before you laugh, […]