sometimes, I totally miss the links

a couple weeks a friend of mine sent me a vid of fixie riders in San Francisco. It was set to a great instrumental, and said instrumental was “I’m bound to pack it up” by Aluminum. I didn’t know (until today) that Aluminum’s self-titled album was a rework of the White Stripe’s “White Blood Cells”, […]

best hot chocolate

So, I tried a little bit of the hot chocolate from Les Saisons in Chelsea. I’m not a big chocolate fan, but omfg this was amazing. I was an idiot and didn’t buy my own cup, cuz I had a doctor pepper. Did I mention I was an idiot? Best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. […]


I had the opportunity to take advantage of a work trip and visit some of my favourite people in the world. Despite their skepticism, I did make the journey up the NJ Turnpike from the Philadelphia area to Cranford, NJ to see Les Trottas and break some bread while we were at it. Zoe was […]


Wow, this is a post that’s up way past it’s bedtime. I don’t really have an excuse, as I have had loads of free time on my hands while iin Denver (I just seem to pitch it at WoW) Back at the start of the month, I headed to New Jersey to see the new […]