Wow, this is a post that’s up way past it’s bedtime. I don’t really have an excuse, as I have had loads of free time on my hands while iin Denver (I just seem to pitch it at WoW)

Back at the start of the month, I headed to New Jersey to see the new and improved Casa Trotta and its residents. Walt picked me up in his pimpin’ ride in Newark an hour later than planned on account of some impressive thunderboomers in Denver. We ended up shooting the breeze about everything and nothing, and then it was time for some needed sleep.

Saturday I was woken up to the patter of little feet, the sound of the toilet seat being dropped, followed by “Whew!” and “Aaaahhhhh!”. Zoe had awaken. She’s awesome, and has completely lost any sense of shyness she used to show for the first little while after I arrived for a visit. I got a tour of her room, and then it was time to play. I am thinking she’ll be playing some varsity sports later in life, as her coordination is pretty amazing, and she’s got quite an arm (hopefully she’ll use it for the forces fo good and throw things at daddy on a regular basis).

Saturday was very laid back, with coffee and convo with two of my very favourite people, a tour of the burbs, and some Mexican food for lunch followed by play-doh time in front of the coffee shop while mommy shopped. The remainder of the aft was spent with cold beverages a patio, and a 3 foot bundle of energy. We were all pretty zapped, and were supposed to go for a drink or two with a friend from the Globix days, but he lost track of time and forgot to phone before we turned into pumpkins. Instead of going for bevvies, we had a nice light sup on the couch and watched Spanglish. A very entertaining flick, but Adam Sandler never quite fit into the role he was supposed to play.

Sunday was a quick trip into the city for brunch at one of our favourite haunts from the Broad/Broadway days. I have to agree with Walt in this case, and say that a lot of the magic is gone. I don’t know if it’s the food, the changed decor, or the fact that it’s a place that has sooooo many great memories, but it didn’gt live up this time out. We walked 3% of the calories off by walking down to the Battery and up the path along the Hudson/West Highway, and then headed back to suburbia for a Yankees game, Zoe in the pool, and a couple beverages on the patio.

And then, sooner than it had begun, the weekend was over and Walt dropped me at the airport. *sigh* I miss Walt and Lee more than I can say, but it’s always great to steal some time with them. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t wait so long before next time (but it’ll be long enough to get past the first three months of the new arrival 😉 ).

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