it’s nice to be home

Today was the first time in almost a month where I don’t have to worry about being somewhere on Monday morning other than Ottawa. I’m pretty exhausted, and am really happy to be home for a week or so to take a break and enjoy Canada Day where it should be enjoyed. I don’t even mind the 30-degree temps and 95% humidity, so it’s quite possible I’ve lost my mind.

I met up with Coop, Kris, and James to start the day off with brunch at the pump. As much as I love it there, I think a change of pace is in order, and I’m going to heartily recommend Stoneface Dolly’s — which has a Kitchenette-of-old feel and taste about it — next week. Still, it was good eats, and was a great way to start the day.

I had an itching to hang with friends while doing something, so Coop, James, and I hit the disc golf course after breakfast for a round in the hot sun. James’s drives are getting crazy, while mine were a little less than in control, and Coop was the birdie king for the day. I’ll remember to put the sunscreen on before we play, but that’ll take away my excuse for losing grip on the disc. In any event, ’twas a good round, and it was nice to get out.

This is what I expected my summer to include a little more of, and it beats the crap out of sitting in a hotel room in Denver. I’m here for two weeks, and I’m going to take advantage of it.

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