One of the uber-stations in the US last night was playing a movie I hadn’t seen in a while. The movie was Gremlins, that early eighties movie about a cute furry beast that begat nasty, reptilian beasts when mixed with water.

The nasty beasts had a leader. That leader’s name was Spike. Spike loved the mayhem, and took great joy in being evil. He also had a shock of white hair on top of his head.

This got me wondering… was the Spike in Gremlins the inspiration for the Spike in Buffy? I did a cursory search on google, and didn’t really come up with much other than a reference to a Gremlin in one of the late seasons. The more I think about it, the more the characters personalities match, and the more I think Spike on Buffy is the humanoid version of Spike from Gremlins.

I blame James and Coop for even considering this for more than three seconds.

I just know you’re thinking “he writes two paragraphs on the last month, and three on this?”

Yes… yes I do.

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