because I have no problem with my whoring for a whisky event

Whisky Live Toronto 2006

I got a nice letter in the mail from the folks at Whisky Live in the UK today. I assume I received it because one of the whisky-like places I visited while in Scotland last year gave them my name. I’m kind of pleased they did, as the letter was an announcement for Whisky Live in Toronto, an event that is in less than a month and also one I have never heard of.

You probably haven’t, either.

So, if you like whisky (no “e”, we’re talkin aboot the stuff from the other side of the pond) and live within a reasonable distance of Toronto, well… this show just may be for you. Do check it out.

quick update: They do have whiskey there, too. Also, snooty Michael Jackson will be speaking, so maybe we’ll find out what dope he smokes before writing about everything he smells and tastes that no matter how hard you try, you never come close to smelling or tasting. There will be some companies that I’d like to hear from, too.

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