some ideas should stay in people’s heads

Every morning I grab a cup of decaf and troll my favourite websites for news and oddities. Most of the time it’s an informative and entertaining experience, but every so often it’s just nasty. This morning was one of those mornings where a healthy appetite went out the window. Why?

Battered, cheese-filled, bacon-wrapped, and fried hot dogs.

I would like to throw up but, because it’s before breakfast, don’t fancy the taste of bile this early in the day. Those things make The Stonner (without the chips, of course) look healthy. Maybe I’ll try a banana later, but not now.

3 thoughts on “some ideas should stay in people’s heads

  1. lol those stonners look amazing 🙂

    as for the hotdog.. it HAS potential!

    use good quality cheese and stop at the bacon frying!

    mmmmm cholesterol!

  2. I seriously just looked at the picture of that paper towel and the greasy taste hit my mouth

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