so, guess where I was this past weekend

ok, that was fun. in spite of the delays getting to chicago. and missing our flight to pittsburgh (which they canceled anyways). and not being able to meet up with kourtney. and enduring a 3.5hr delay in pittsburgh. and a canceled flight in Chicago. which led to an overnight at an airport hotel. and coming […]

i lie 2

The more I look at this pic, the more I like it. There’s so much light and shadow and texture and green and a little bokeh and a blown out background and some burnt, yellow grass and a $4 golf ball (that has since dropped to $2.25 since I bought them) that I lost shortly […]

be red

So last night’s game was pretty sweet. I’ve seen a couple Ottawa – New Jersey games before, and they’ve always been 1-0 snore-fests. This one was great, starting with everyone being surprised by Alfredsson popping one top-shelf less than five minutes into the first. There was a half-second of silence while everyone realized what happened, […]

but I don’t wanna be a sens fan

so. the leafs won last night, but it wasn’t enough to sneak into the playoffs after the Islanders beat the Devils in a shootout to take the last spot in the east. with the leafs eliminating montreal last night and the oilers self-destructing half a season ago, we’re left with three canadian teams in the […]

still laughing

Every time I see this clip, I can’t help but laugh. I love the Leafs, and while Tucker has finally started to play hockey (now that the whine twins of Quinn and Domi are gone), he’s still not my favorite player in the league. Kovalev, of the Canadiens, takes a high stick from Tucker at […]


“action” from kaneda99‘s photostream every so often, flickr spits out a beauty. I love this pic, it illustrates pretty much everything I love about running in the fall/winter: long shadows, overcast, and a comfortable (to me) temperature. Amazing capture.

returned to sender

Hrmm, I guess some people didn’t like the memo, after all. Seven games into the season the Flyer’s GM Bobby Clarke was allowed to retire (although after all the effluent that has flowed from his mouth the last decade, I think they should have fired his ass), and Hitchcock was shown the door. Clarke leaving […]

sending a message

While I can’t claim I like Ken Hitchcock, coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, I do respect how he operates. His goaltender, Robert Esche, was a little stinky to open the season, and hasn’t played since. Recently, when asked about Hitchcock, Esche stated “I don’t try getting in his head, that’s for sure. It’s an empty […]


Went out with Mark today and had a horrible round. On the third hole, I missed my line by about 80 degrees to the right. That’s not a typo. It wasn’t quite a right angle, but I did manage to make the longest hole on the course longer, and the rest of the round followed […]

that’s “zdeno” with a “b”

Today, I have to admit, I am really, really happy that I’m not a Sens fan. That said, I think Mr. Chara has made a colossal mistake in signing with the Bruins. Unless, of course, it’s all about the 7.5 big per year and not about the game. In that case, good deal! I’m still […]