if england played brazil

It is just before the England v Brazil match. Ronaldinho goes into the Brazilian changing room to find all his teammates looking a bit glum. “What’s up?” he asks. “Well, we’re having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know it’s important but it’s only England. They’re rubbish and we can’t be bothered.” Ronaldinho looks […]

ron maclean vs. colin campbell

During the second intermission of Game 4 of the finals on Monday, Ron MacLean interviewed Colin Campbell and took him to task for some of the calls and lack of calls during the playoffs. Campbell tried to spin it a little with the old “what do you want us to do, it’s the playoffs, and […]


So… umm… San Jose? I hate to stoop to this level, especially since I’m 0-4, but what the hell. To all you boo-birds in the land of eBay, y’all can go fuck off and die now. Go Oilers!

0 for 3.5

With Edmonton winning last night’s game, I am on the verge of not picking the winner in every single playoff series of the second round. I didn’t think Anaheim or Carolina were that good, I should’ve known better with Ottawa, and we’ll see if Edmonton’s got the grit to finish it off at what is […]


3948 Some things make me giggle more than others for no good reason. Obviously, I’ve been trolling through my pics today, and I came across this one. This pic is from the first game of the 2004 co-ed jambouree (we won the rec division), and every single person in the foreground of this pic (i.e. […]

game on!

The Needham boys always worried that their sister was adopted. She was very politically correct, declaring in the middle of dinner how inappropriate our conduct was, and then leaving (more food for us). She also didn’t swear a whole lot. Thankfully, over the years, those fears have been put to rest. My sister knows how […]

basket lunch

3899 I decided to pass on the whole “eat” thing at lunch, and headed over to Jacques Cartier Park for a round of disc golf instead. The water was pretty high along the river, so hole #1 was underwater and unplayable after the drive. The rest of the course is pretty dry, and it was […]

ode to leafs fans

3883 It’s fun being a Leafs fan in Ottawa (disclaimer: I thought Alfie’s impersonation of Mats was pretty damn funny, and it was a shame that a Lady Byng candidate such as Tucker was on the receiving end of a questionable hit). No, really. People send you the nicest things in the mail. I will […]

dear leafs nation head-honcho-types

Please put Pat Quinn out of my misery, and get a real coach. While you’re at it, please replace Cement Head Jr. with someone who can actually manage a team and get real players when they’re available. At least during the Ballard days the guys actually looked like they were trying. Ok? Ok. Thanks. (I […]


So. I had a ridiculous amount of fun yesterday. I was curling. No, seriously. Heaving heavy things in the vicinity of my dad, and not once was I tempted to heave them in anything more than the vicinity. My dad and Sue are members of the Huntley Curling Club, which had a clanspiel yesterday. The […]