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It’s fun being a Leafs fan in Ottawa (disclaimer: I thought Alfie’s impersonation of Mats was pretty damn funny, and it was a shame that a Lady Byng candidate such as Tucker was on the receiving end of a questionable hit). No, really. People send you the nicest things in the mail. I will confess, I did like the two Tucker portraits, and the Mat’s victory lap picture made me snicker. We’ll see what happens in the first round, because it’s really surprising how few people here think the Senators are going to make it through the first round. I’m not one of them, but it is the playoffs, and anything can happen.

I love the Leafs. I hate what Quinn and that fucktard, cement-head Ferguson have done to them. They used to at least try before the last ten games of the season. There used to be some actual talent besides Sundin, because heart, grit, and cheap shots will only get you so far. The last two seasons it’s been nothing but excuses, whining about officials, and blaming anyone but themselves. Quinn has proven his coaching moxy in the Olympics and this season, although some slack could be cut if he whined about what he’s been given instead of everything else. Ferguson has demonstrated his complete inability to balance a team (or to at least hire talented veterans when going the veteran route. Lindros and Allison? That’s the best you could do in last years free agent market? Jesus.).

The early golfing season shows that, and from what the Leafs front office has been saying, it’s probably not going to change next season. I guess for the playoffs, it should be “Go Habs, Go”.


Update: Quinn got canned today. I can’t say I’m terribly upset, but I really don’t think he’s the problem. We’ll see if Ferguson can actually do anything in the off season now that he has no one to blame anything on.

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