So… umm… San Jose?

I hate to stoop to this level, especially since I’m 0-4, but what the hell.

To all you boo-birds in the land of eBay, y’all can go fuck off and die now.

Go Oilers!

One thought on “*ahem*

  1. Sharks fans proved themselves nationally what I already knew. They are the dumbest hockey fans in the NHL.

    I’ve been a few Flyers games in the “shark tank”, and I’ve overheard some pretty stupid conversations about hockey.

    Also, during these playoffs, the Philly fans chanted “USA” at Ryan Miller (our starting goaltender in the Olympics). This was when Buffalo was losing in the 3rd period. I can’t recall using your own country as a sarcastic cheer, but Philly proves itself to be the home of some of the most bitter people on Earth. And I proudly call myself a member. (hockeywise anyways)

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