You know, it’s so cool when something arrives in the mail that is completely unexpected. I was thinking that Tierney would be getting something frilly on account of A Moveable Feast, but that was not the plan. This little fella arrived in my mailbox, along with an explanation that there was no pun intended. It made me laugh, too, so I thought I’d share as well.


Don’t worry about it. Go drink beer, watch hockey, and know that after an incredibly craptacular week, the donkey made me giggle. You should giggle, too. Thanks, Jen, you helped rescue my week and finish on a high note.

2 thoughts on “donkey!

  1. haha – so glad it arrived in one piece. i was worried about the poor little fella in air mail. 😉

    and i’m glad it made you giggle. i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw him in the middle of the cheesy barcelona gift shop – surrounded by shot glasses, coffee mugs, coasters, and football paraphenalia. now rescued to canada!

    ps: colin got a big french chocolate bar for his part in that book escapade. i couldn’t find anything frilly in his size. 😉

  2. Haven’t opened the chocolate yet actually. Saving it for a rainy day. Or a low-sugar day. Or a hiking day. Or something like that 🙂

    For the first time in my life I’m actually trying to be slightly conscious about the amount of sugar i throw into my body.

    Nice oh-so-thinly-veiled comment on my size, Jen. Rofl 🙂

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