Went out with Mark today and had a horrible round. On the third hole, I missed my line by about 80 degrees to the right. That’s not a typo. It wasn’t quite a right angle, but I did manage to make the longest hole on the course longer, and the rest of the round followed suit.

Thankfully, I managed to get this shot. If you spend some time on it, it has a ridiculous amount of contrasts and complements, and is pretty interesting (to me, anyways). I figure it was taken a couple thousandths of a second before the disc comes free, and it captures the effort that goes into hucking a piece of plastic a few hundred feet.

I finished the round with my worst score in over a year (+8), but it was a good time, and it’s nice to be able to go for a stroll in the park and shoot the shit with a good friend.

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  1. Wow,

    It’s true I haven’t seen Mark in Years. But wow, I had to look three or four times to recognize him. 🙂

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