a little update

I’m on vacation this week, and I haven’t done a whole lot with the computer other than play a little WoW. So, a quick update on what’s gone on in the last week or so.

  • Shot even par at Jacques Cartier while playing with Mark on the weekend.
  • Got my camera back from Canon. It took just a little under four weeks round-trip, and I’m heading out in a few minutes to play a little.
  • Slept in four days of the last seven, including until noon on Monday. (exciting!)
  • Took in KC (of the Sunshine Band), Gloria Gaynor, and Tavares at the Ottawa Bluesfest. It was pretty terrible. Thankfully, the New Pornographers were playing that night as well, and were better.
  • I’ve run three times and cycled three times since last Saturday, and I’m feeling pretty damn good.
  • My car still needs its oil changed and a good cleaning.
  • I’ve started the ball rolling on pulling the striped handle. As they say “…and the adventure continues”
  • Stevo didn’t call again while he and the fam was in town. I now have a complex.
  • I’ve played far to much World of Warcraft this week.

That’s all I have. Very boring, but it’s been good.

6 thoughts on “a little update

  1. Do I want to even ask what the heck you mean by “pulling the striped handle”?


  2. Moggy: it takes a perverted kind of innocent naivety that assumes “the striped handle” refers to Kev’s “calloused” (ahem) pole.


  3. Indeed you did. I thought you had gone home on the 20th. It was great seeing you and the girls, too! Hope the trip back was uneventful.

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