using canadian credit cards at US gas pumps

If you’re a Canadian and have traveled through the US by car, RV, whatever, you’ve probably noticed pretty much all the gas pumps require a ZIP code. You’ve probably also noticed that a postal code ain’t the same thing. Finally, you’ve probably been frustrated with having to deal with the surly station attendant who doesn’t […]

so, guess where I was this past weekend

ok, that was fun. in spite of the delays getting to chicago. and missing our flight to pittsburgh (which they canceled anyways). and not being able to meet up with kourtney. and enduring a 3.5hr delay in pittsburgh. and a canceled flight in Chicago. which led to an overnight at an airport hotel. and coming […]

why i hearts me some intarweeb

2 kids dressed in all black standing next to a $40k car covered in tape on the side of the Ohio turnpike at 3am. One kid projectile vomiting while the other one tries to take pictures. I give you Reason 4,624 on why the internet is idiotic and fantastic all at once. Besides looking like […]


Pictures like this one make me realise how completely fucked up the airline industry got with the hub mentality. There’s no real competition here, as you can plainly see one airline dominates the entire field. Wanna leave Minnesota? Who ya gonna call? It’s like that in any other hub (like, say, Denver), and really limits […]

and away we go

So, how are you spending your long weekend? Me, I’m in one of my favourite places to be on the weekend – Pearson airport in Toronto. I found out on Wednesday my long weekend was going to be cancelled, and that I’d be spending a week across the pond helping a client with a mis-behaving […]

tooting of one’s horn

3322 Jeez I love how the pics I took last summer turned out. The blues and greens make me happy, and the shots from the site of the Lone Cyprus turned out better than I ever could have imagined. They’re all unretouched, and it really was that gorgeous that day. Apologies for foisting them on […]

de lay of the land

Just once, I’d like US Airways to have their shit together such that the flight from PHL to YOW isn’t delayed. I don’t think it’s ever been on time the 10 or so times I’ve taken it in the last six months. I figured that because our planned departure was 2150, we’d avoid the delays […]