so, guess where I was this past weekend

ok, that was fun. in spite of the delays getting to chicago. and missing our flight to pittsburgh (which they canceled anyways). and not being able to meet up with kourtney. and enduring a 3.5hr delay in pittsburgh. and a canceled flight in Chicago. which led to an overnight at an airport hotel. and coming home to two feet of snow in my driveway. and an eight-foot-wide-and-three-feet-high swath of plow leavings to shovel.

I thought it was a good time, which means it was a great time.

coop and I headed to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play the Jaguars on Sunday. we stayed at the Rennaisance Pittsburgh, which is a very nice hotel, in a huge room over-looking the river and stadiums. it was also quite entertaining to see folks in Steelers jerseys with open beer (well, Miller Lite) running all over said nice hotel.

we arrived Saturday evening, just in time to be hungry. we walked in the sleet across one of the bridges to the Buckhead Saloon at Station Square, where we grabbed dinner and five pints each for under $40, total. we met some folks who thought I was younger than coop (figure that one out, musta been the ballcap), and then we did the responsible thing and went back to the hotel to sleep.

game day involved sleeping in, breakfast at a good greasy spoon, ESPN game day, and a walk across the bridge to Heinz Field. it’s a beautiful stadium, and I look forward to visiting it again some time when the temperature is around 20 degrees (Celsius) or higher. it’s big, shiny, yellow, and has great sight lines. it also catches the wind from the rivers it sits on, and let me tell ya, they blow.

it was raining when we arrived, but by the time the color guard arrived for the Star Spangled Banner, that all changed. it was a little chilly, but not horrifically so… just enough to make me realize that any NFL game I have seen so far has been in cold places (except minnefuckingapolis, which is cold, but has a dome).

the game itself was ok, and I still don’t understand why Pittsburgh insisted on passing all the time. the Jags bowled them over with a solid running game. while the Steelers made in interesting, they ended up losing it to the Jags running game.

from there it was off to the airport for a 25 hour (with layover) trip home, and it’s good to be back with no visits to airports planned until jan. coop is an excellent person to go to games with and drink beer, and I’m really glad we finally got to see the Steelers play after talking about it for about 5 years.

it really was a good time, and I look forward to seeing the Seahawks play in Seattle next October.

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