and away we go

So, how are you spending your long weekend? Me, I’m in one of my favourite places to be on the weekend – Pearson airport in Toronto. I found out on Wednesday my long weekend was going to be cancelled, and that I’d be spending a week across the pond helping a client with a mis-behaving platform.

So, I got up this morning at 04:15 after not being able to get to sleep until after midnight, and feel like a truck hit me. Axe is going to be in town at the same time, so there’s a better than average chance I’ll have someone to go for a beer with while I’m there. I might also have the chance to bug UK while I’m there.

Right now I’m sitting in the lounge in Pearson, so it’s not a bad deal. They put on a continental breakfast, so a bit of yogurt and some dirty water and I feel a little better. There’s a lady who reminds of Dr. Ruth, a super cute baby who smiles and says “Mmmmmmmm!” after every bite of food, and a guy who has put back four cans of drinks in the last 20 minutes – not exactly what I’d recommend as a pre-flight ritual. It’s fun to people watch.

In any event, off I go. More miles, and hopefully I’ll have some time to look around. I’m staying close to Charing Cross, so I should be able to get out a little and see some sights in the evening, provided BadThings(tm) don’t make for some long days. My long weekend and sleep will have to wait.

Onward, to the land where curried chicken sammiches is king (at least, until the Queen moves on, although the sammich may be a better choice than chuckles)!

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