but I don’t wanna be a sens fan

so. the leafs won last night, but it wasn’t enough to sneak into the playoffs after the Islanders beat the Devils in a shootout to take the last spot in the east. with the leafs eliminating montreal last night and the oilers self-destructing half a season ago, we’re left with three canadian teams in the hunt. I wanted the leafs to be in it for at least a series, but I’m one of the very few outside of toronto. oh well.

on paper the sens look good, but they’ve looked good on paper for years now, and have yet to live up to the potential they show during the regular season. I’ll cheer for them, but if past performance is any indicator I won’t be cheering long. once the sens exit, it’ll be a loooooooong wait ’til the 9th of september.

go sens, go… man, that just doesn’t sound as good.

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