patrolling the galaxy once again


So, after the fastest date in recent memory (87 minutes), I started working on my ST:TNG pin last night. I traced pretty much every wire, and repaired a number of solder joints while verifying continuity. I finished this afternoon, and when I figured it was all good, flipped the switch… and got a garbled display.


I broke out the schematics and re-traced all the ribon and jumper connections, hoping to find my error. Lo and behold, I had re-connected a ribbon cable inproperly and, after a quick switch, tried my luck again. As you can see, it lit up quite nicely.

No burned or stuck coils, only a couple burned bulbs (now replaced), and some minor adjustments to make it level. It plays perfectly. Many thanks to David in London across the pond for selling me the 8-driver board; it’s great to have the Captain and his crew back.

Now, onto the playfield restoration (after several hours of trying to beat my 22B point record, of course).

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