finish the fight… next year… maybe


Bungie’s finally got around to announcing Halo 3, which is probably about the only reason I can think of at this point of wanting an Xbox 360 over a Wii (no, Sony doesn’t even bear cosideration at this point). Thankfully, the game won’t come out until 2007, which probably means sometime in 2008 (if we’re lucky) This means I have time to think about it and stick to my plan.

The setting is a Covenant-controlled Earth with some huge thing that draws the attention of a lot of Covenant ships and the Master Chief. It also sounds like Cortana is a little more than just a construct this time around; according to her “this is the way the world ends”.

Do check out the trailer – it’s purty.

3 thoughts on “finish the fight… next year… maybe

  1. Screw the plan! Buy everything NOW! Mu-haha!

    Y’know, this for some reasons brings to mind Blackadder. Particularly:

    W: Very well then. Three other paths are open to you. Three cunning
    plans to cure thy ailment.
    E: Oh good.
    W: The first is simple. Kill Bob!
    E: Never.
    W: Then try the second. Kill your self!
    E: Neu. And the third?
    W: The third is to ensure that no one else ever knows.
    E: Ha, that sounds more like it. How?
    W: Kill everybody in the whole world. Ah, ha, ha …

    I love me that Wise Woman. 🙂

  2. There is no buy, only zuul. Three feet off the covers. Seriously.

    I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head as far as strategy is concerned with playing H3. If coop buys it, I’ll just go camp out at his place or something.

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