amalah’s the real deal

Ok, I admit it, I have spent a fair bit of time perusing the queen of everything‘s blog, and I haven’t laughed as much in a long time. Amy’s got style, and despite her life being just a little unhinged right now, manages to share with everyone and still make people laugh. I really hope […]

cheese, please

Urk. There’s a company cook book floating around out there, somewhere, that seems to be built on cheese. It has recipes for breafast through dinner, and a desert or two. The recipes aren’t posted, but someone’s scanned the the lurvley pictures and added brief summaries like this one, for “orange fluff”: Ok, before you laugh, […]

alive with bacon

A while back I posted about the breakdancing transformer ad for the Citroen C4. As with a lot of good things, the copycats come out after the fact. They’re usually worse than the original, and this one is no exception. It goes on way too long, knocks off both the original ad and the music, […]

monkeys with bagels doing taxes

As Ev says, “quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in ages”. I know I’ve been on projects like this one, and I think the sysadmin capitulating to the monkey’s demands is pretty much spot on. It reminds me of a call I had yesterday with an individual who had made up […]