amalah’s the real deal

Ok, I admit it, I have spent a fair bit of time perusing the queen of everything‘s blog, and I haven’t laughed as much in a long time. Amy’s got style, and despite her life being just a little unhinged right now, manages to share with everyone and still make people laugh. I really hope she’s laughing too, at the end of the day. Have a gander, and enjoy things like trips to IKEA, and how much it hurts:

Basically, IKEA is an abusive boyfriend who twists your arm too hard and then buys your forgiveness with an ingenious media storage solution that he will then not help assemble because he wants to go drinking with his friends and after you assemble it yourself you realize that it doesn’t actually fit your TV after all and it kind of wobbles but you use it anyway because you don’t want to make him mad because he hits you sometimes.

But still. I love IKEA. IKEA can change! IKEA is so good to me when he’s sober!

Although this past weekend, IKEA pretty much beat the living shit out of me.

Funny stuff, and here’s hoping life calms down for her and her hubby a wee bit over the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “amalah’s the real deal

  1. hehe i love ikea!

    i’ve found the trick to ikea is to go straight to the lower level. it;s the upper furniture level that sucks life out of you.

    the lower level is quite fun!

  2. lol pwnt.

    the ikea in montreal has all the big piece furniture on the second level (it’s designed so u walk up to that level first as u walk in.. so most ppl go there..)

    then on the lower level are all the house stuff.. light fixutres.. plants.. kitchenware.. etc..

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