because they care

/misccrap/blog/smoking_is_bad Sign in a Wawa here. Apparently there’s a problem with people buying more than 10 cartons of smokes per day. I’m sure it’s got something to do with keeping people from bootlegging smokes from NJ to PA, but it may be that Phillip Morris just cares about the health of Wawa patrons. Also, this […]

for the entertainment of axe and coop

I was ordering a couple books from Amazon this evening, and had a look at the “My Store” feature. It recommended I purchase some music, and it’s recommendation made me giggle some. Axe and Coop and anyone else who’s had brunch a couple times at The Pump will understand.


misccrap/blog/the_network.png We were talking about Visio diagrams the other day, spurred on by bobo’s “I hate Visio” statement, made while trying to use the damn program. Some files were exchanged, and I came across this one in my doc directory while saving and looking at the file I had been sent. I had forgotten all […]

more time wasting goodness

Evilhoof and Flayed have come up with a nice little World of Warcraft machinima movie on the benefits of the interweeb. Fair warning: Probably NSFW if you’re listening through speakers, and the title of the vid includes the “pr0n” word. Still funny, though.

fall out boy

I’ve noticed that Fall Out Boy has been getting some airplay locally the last few months. In case you missed it, be sure to check out their killer video for Sugar We’re Goin’ Down Don’t be put off by the Boy Band, it’s actually pretty funny. Note: Some of the MS Paint drawings may be […]

you know you’re tired when…

…you walk into the bathroom and can’t, for the life of you, remember why you’re there. You go back to what you were doing, and realise you have to pee. Suddenly, it becomes clear why you went to the bathroom. I’m tired, not old, and that’s my story.