because they care


Sign in a Wawa here. Apparently there’s a problem with people buying more than 10 cartons of smokes per day. I’m sure it’s got something to do with keeping people from bootlegging smokes from NJ to PA, but it may be that Phillip Morris just cares about the health of Wawa patrons.

Also, this sign was affixed to the stuffed pretzel warming rack. Take a large pretzel, cover it with roughly 80-100 grams of salt, stuff it full of processed or cream cheese, and package it with dipping sauces. Consume, and listen to your arteries clog while your BP hits something close to 500PSI. Net result is something from Scanners. Healthy, and there is no fucking way that thing only had 590mg of sodium – it had a rock salt shell, fer crissakes.

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