easter in cranford

4011 It’s not quite Christmas in Hollis – in fact it was nothing like that – but it was damn good. I hopped on a plane last weekend to take in the long weekend with Walt, Lee, Zoe, and Jake. I flew Mapleflot and it was a surprisingly good trip both ways; it’s almost like […]


3853 Just got back from Cranford, NJ after spending a great Easter weekend with Walt, Lee, and the kids. There was brunch, chocolate, fresh Mex, wine, beers, and a little walking of a line. As always, it was great to stay chez Trotta, and pictured here is Jake, now nine months old, and acting out […]


I had the opportunity to take advantage of a work trip and visit some of my favourite people in the world. Despite their skepticism, I did make the journey up the NJ Turnpike from the Philadelphia area to Cranford, NJ to see Les Trottas and break some bread while we were at it. Zoe was […]