well, that was weird

For a variety of reasons I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I like seeing family and friends and whatnot, but the idea of Christmas itself is not a big deal for me, and I could do without it. Aside from a 2.5′ fibre-optic tree – which got tossed a few years back – I’ve […]

reboot: 31536000

Gawd, how does the time go by so fast. I posted this pic a couple days ago on flickr, and despite the facial expression, I’m actually feeling pretty good. I took this after the first workout I finished where I didn’t think I was going to die – it’s taken somewhere around 4 weeks to […]

sf book meme

Moggy‘s got a meme up that I can spend the couple minutes on to answer as well. Have a look below the jump if interested, and the theme of the meme is which of the books on the Science Fiction Book Club’s 50 most significant SF/Fantasy books list have you read or tried to read, […]


…Jumanji’s got a blog! (almost poetry) His wife made fun of him for talking about Sveasoft, then made fun of me posting inanities about Apache. Tough crowd.


I play a little WoW here and there, enough that I’m in a guild. WoW has parts that require the cooperation of 5-40 people to complete, and being in a guild generally gives you a pool of like-minded people you play with to complete these parts and socialise. The 20-40 person parts typically require 3-8 […]

happy birthday, sue!

A very happy 29th to Sue on this day. Thanks for putting up with dad as much as you do, we really should probably get you a bottle of whisky for that. I wonder if there’s any place I can get some when I’m across the pond? Enjoy the day, and make sure that guy […]


4037 You know, it’s so cool when something arrives in the mail that is completely unexpected. I was thinking that Tierney would be getting something frilly on account of A Moveable Feast, but that was not the plan. This little fella arrived in my mailbox, along with an explanation that there was no pun intended. […]

0 for 3.5

With Edmonton winning last night’s game, I am on the verge of not picking the winner in every single playoff series of the second round. I didn’t think Anaheim or Carolina were that good, I should’ve known better with Ottawa, and we’ll see if Edmonton’s got the grit to finish it off at what is […]

8 years

Huh. I missed the squid’s eighth birthday. I don’t really feel bad about it, but it’s interesting to reflect on how much has changed since the domain was originally registered. People have moved on, married, had kids, changed jobs multiple times, fallen off the planet, etc. I’ve held five jobs and lived in four different […]