I play a little WoW here and there, enough that I’m in a guild. WoW has parts that require the cooperation of 5-40 people to complete, and being in a guild generally gives you a pool of like-minded people you play with to complete these parts and socialise. The 20-40 person parts typically require 3-8 hours to complete, and are known as “raids”. Our guild raids on weekends – Saturdays at 1pm, and Sundays at 4pm.

About a week ago, one of my guildies asked me why I never raided on Sunday. I explained that I usually had dinner or visited with the parental around that time, so couldn’t raid. They asked me if I didn’t want to raid instead, and I said “no”. They were a little confused, and asked why visiting with the parental was more important (they were a little younger than me).

This is why.

You just never know when you won’t be able to anymore.

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