six random facts about me

Moggy is queen of the meme. Every so often, out of the thousand or so she posts per week, a meme catches my eye. This one did because it can be a lot of fun – or, if you’re a cutter, it can be used to expose your soul. No souls here, move along.

1. I have a slapshot that has been clocked at 98mph.

2. I had my first drunk when I was two. My parents took me on a picnic and forgot to bring juice. White wine was substituted, with expected results. My mom cried for two days afterwards because she thought she was a bad mother. She wasn’t. Ever.

3. I can explain the “beaver” euphemism to a woman at a professional football game while drunk without being rude. This is a gift, I treat it as such.

4. Despite all the clichés about “everyone dies alone”, I worry about dying alone.

5. My face is not my own. I had reconstructive surgery when I was 12 to rebuild/replace the bone and cartilage in my cheeks, nose, and jawline. The material used in the reconstruction was taken from two ribs on the right-hand side of my body. I have broken or cracked those ribs five times since the surgery because they’re weaker as a result.

6. I started taking things apart to figure out how they worked when I was eight. I didn’t get good at putting them back together until I was eleven. My dad let me live in spite of this discrepancy.

2 thoughts on “six random facts about me

  1. Number 3 just made me laugh out loud…yet again. I think that’s going to be one of my favourite stories and moments for a very, very long time. 🙂

  2. 1) im hairy
    2) cept on my head
    3) ive wanted to be a dentist since i was 8
    4) when i was little i use to hit my head hard on the floor till i got what i wanted
    5) when i was little, i was gonna be on tv for knowing all the capitals of all the countries in the world. (which most i no longer remember :-/)
    6) im top 180th pingpong player in quebec o/ 🙂

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