well, that was weird

For a variety of reasons I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I like seeing family and friends and whatnot, but the idea of Christmas itself is not a big deal for me, and I could do without it. Aside from a 2.5′ fibre-optic tree – which got tossed a few years back – I’ve never had a tree, nor the inclination to have one… until this week.

Since the start of the week I’ve had an impulse to buy a tree that just would not go away. It started to drive me nuts, so I broke down last night and got a tree and some ornaments. I wanted to get the Star Wars ornaments, but they really looked like crap so I resisted (although this would make a lovely center piece for dinner). I settled on some simple ones instead, and may liberate some of my ornaments from the family collection (the tree at my dad’s place falls over every year from the weight, so I’m betting a couple won’t be missed) in the next couple weeks.

So I have a nice little tree, with some pretty simple decorations. The only thing I refused to do was get the traditional angel; I’ll put my own spin on that one and will post a pic of the results. I have no idea why I’ve done this, because my feelings about Christmas really haven’t changed. I think I’ll lay some blame in my mom’s direction, as this is definitely her time of year.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I have zero interest in buying one of those ridiculous inflatable snow globes that the suburbanites with no competitive outlets seem to be buying a lot of these days.

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