well, that was weird

For a variety of reasons I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I like seeing family and friends and whatnot, but the idea of Christmas itself is not a big deal for me, and I could do without it. Aside from a 2.5′ fibre-optic tree – which got tossed a few years back – I’ve […]

oh. my. god.

This is, quite possibly, the vilest recipe I have had the misfortune to come across. Ingredients include: 1 large bag of pork rinds 1 brick of Velveeta Cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 6 slices of crispy bacon 1 small onion 1/4 cup maple syrup 2 jalapeno peppers 1/2 bag of chocolate chips (butterscotch chips may […]

who knew?

If you use the phrase “mickey mouse bullshit” to describe a process, the owner of that process may be offended. I will have to use that phrase more often.


4037 You know, it’s so cool when something arrives in the mail that is completely unexpected. I was thinking that Tierney would be getting something frilly on account of A Moveable Feast, but that was not the plan. This little fella arrived in my mailbox, along with an explanation that there was no pun intended. […]


I’ve always wondered, how gaseous does Guinness make you? I’m not convinced the stuff they serve in Europe is the same as the stuff they serve here. Every time I drink more than a pint or two here at home, I wonder if they don’t spike the stuff with dissolving gas cartridges of some kind. […]

nano nuh-uh

Well, I feel like a complete and utter idiot this morning. Last night I was at the gym, and was running a little late getting back for WoW night. It seems in my haste to get in front of my PC on time, I left my gym bag in the back seat of my car, […]

because they care

/misccrap/blog/smoking_is_bad Sign in a Wawa here. Apparently there’s a problem with people buying more than 10 cartons of smokes per day. I’m sure it’s got something to do with keeping people from bootlegging smokes from NJ to PA, but it may be that Phillip Morris just cares about the health of Wawa patrons. Also, this […]