roundcube beta1

3839 The folks over at the Roundcube webmail project have released (8 weeks ago) the first beta of their web client, and it’s installed for all the friends and family to give a whirl. Unfortunately, a preview window didn’t make it into the beta release, although I’m not convinced that’s a bad thing from a […]

got spam karma?

So, there’s a whole bunch of people who I know that use WordPress for their blogging needs, and Spam Karma for preventing those WordPress blogs from getting overrun with spam. They’re the default choice on any of the WordPress sites here on, and both are outstanding pieces of software (in my opinion, for what […]

myspace is not my space, which isn’t your space

I was browsing through my weblogs over the weekend, and discovered that my bandwidth use is waaaaaaaaaay up. Most of it comes from a clip of the Drew Carey show where Richard Simmons plays the part of various props. It’s one of those clips that brings tears to your eyes, so I’ll share for a […]

crap on the right

I’ve made a couple changes to the sidebar, adding a random pic from my photo gallery along with info on what’s currently playing on iTunes. Why? I dunno, it just seemed like a good idea. The tunes info comes courtesy of Brandon Fuller’s Now Playing plugin for iTunes (Windows only, but there are a bunch […]

dear ipod/itunes dev team

For a Christmas firmware update for the iPod, I would love to see the following: stand alone Party Shuffle on the iPod itself. All relevant info is stored on the iPod datastores, so it shouldn’t be that big a deal… right? fix the clicker settings so they’re saved on the 4th gen iPods. Resetting them […]

what’s the time? it’s beer o’clock!

The folks on the channel pointed me to a great Firefox plugin this morning. It’s the “Beer O’Clock” plugin, and it tells you how much longer you have to go before you can enjoy quaffing some cold suds. One of the nice bits about the plugin is that you can define your own time units, […]


Following Coop’s lead, I installed the beta of Gallery 2, the next major release of the photo album software most people on use, for my pics this eve. It’s much prettier, but there’s a number of things I’m not crazy about, most notably the drop down action bars for regular users. I’m sure there’s […]

which lossless codec, and why?

I’m about to re-rip my entire CD collection for the fourth time. I don’t want to do it again, so have decided to invest in a small(ish) array and use a lossless codec to create a reference set of my music. From the reference, I plan on transcoding to a variety of bitrates (depending on […]